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Debbie Murphy, RN
Beverly Mendes

Debbie has worked at Hartford Hospital for twenty-five years. She has been a Research Coordinator in the Cardiac Lab since 1993 and prior to this worked in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Debbie’s research experience spans from the first cardiac stent trials which focused on post-implantation anticoagulation therapies to the current drug coated stent trials. She also coordinates additional drug and device trials in the cardiac laboratory.

Jill Cloutier, CRC
Beverly Mendes

Jill Cloutier came to Hartford Hospital in 1995 with 6 years of research experience. Her cardiac experience extends back to the early TIMI trials at Beth Israel and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. She is currently involved in both drug and device trials in the cardiac laboratory including TIMI-32. Jill has been a member of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals for 3 years and will be attending George Washington University's Clinical Research Program in the fall of 2003.

Cardiac Laboratory Research Coordinators

The Cardiac Lab at Hartford Hospital participates in many research trials investigating new drugs and devices. Clinical trials provide opportunities for both patients and their physicians to have access to cutting edge therapies.

The Research Coordinators at Hartford Hospital introduce the current research protocols to the patients who come to the Cardiac Lab. They explain the trial procedures, risk and required follow up. They obtain signed informed consent from the patients who wish to participate in trials. The Cardiac Lab Research Coordinators are responsible for collecting and reporting pertinent data to the study sponsor. The coordinators along with the involved physician monitor the health of the study patient for the course of the trial. Patients involved in studies are often followed by the research team for up to 5 years.